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25 mars 2015

Close-up Pokémon Week 4:Lotad





Evolution:Lombre at level 14 and Ludicolo with a water stone.

Description:The water lily adorning his head allows it to cover up when in the water to escape its predator.

Our Opinion:

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18 mars 2015

Close-up Pokémon Week:3 Monferno




Type: Fire/fighting



Evolution:Infernape at level 36

Description:To intimidate his opponents, he uses his fiery tail to change his shadow, and appear larger than he actually is.

Our Opininon: Monferno is a good pokémon beause of is dual type meanning that his power is anplafid but his weakness's are exposed.

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11 mars 2015

Close-up Pokémon Week 2: Makuhita






Evolution:Hariyama at level 24

Description:With nerves of steel, he never loses hope. Like his peers, he spends a lot of time to train.

Our Opinion: Good Pokémon for gameplay but few people use him in online or in TCG

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01 mars 2015

Deck 1/2 Months Fighting




pancham-59-111-pokemon-xy-furious-fists-card-8[1]Evolve your deck180px-PangoroFuriousFists68[1]



Use Pancham's "Bad-Influence Evolution" attack.


The key Pokémon to this deck is Pangoro.





pancham[1]Plus__Orange[1]1050503[1]Use 4 Evosoda in this deck, to bring Pangoro on the    battle field.                                        




Thanks to colorless dual energy that brings you two colorless energy and the enhanced fighting energy which, attached to a combat type pokemon enables it to inflict  20 damage more.



 Some useful Combos 



90-fighting-stadium-212x300[1]Plus__Orange[1]Hariyama Furious Fists[1]


Fighting Stadium will help you break down barriers. The attack of each fighting type Pokemon in play (yours, but also those of your opponent) deal 20 damage more to the defending EX Pokemon. Combined with Harriyama abillity Thick Fat that reduces the damage dealed by 30 , this card could help you to clean up the game of your opponent! If you have Lucario-EX or EX-Hawlucha, add them to your deck, otherwise 4 reinforced energy will do to perfect your play.


1407944292-11974700[1]Plus__Orange[1]Scrafty Furious Fists[1]




Attach Sparkling Robe to Scrafty. This Trainer card protects the Pokémon from any Special conditions; helpful when we know that Scrafty attack Machine Gun Headbutt is strong but leave's him confused.


List of cards required for this deck:



4X                (51/111)


4X                   (66/111)



4XEvosoda(X,Y 116/146)

4X                    (X,Y 122/146)

4X                    (X,Y  127/146)

4XSparkling Robe(99/111)

2X                         (Black and White

                            Plasma Freeze, 103/116)

4X                  (X,Y 123/146)

2X Fighting Stadium (90/111)


4XDarkness  Energy


2XDouble Coloress Energy(X,Y 130/146)

2XStrong Energy(104/111)




















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16 février 2015

Close-up Pokémon Week 1:Snover


Type: Grass/Ice

Height: 1m


Evolution:Abomaswon at level 40

Description: He lives in the high mountains, were the climate is cold. In the spring, small frozen berries grow a bit everywhere on his body.

Our opinon:A cute Pokémon which evolves and mega evolves in a powerful Pokemon.But sadly not to good for online battling since he has a x4 weakness to fire.






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